About the product

We have changed the appearance of our baked milk sugar cookies so that you cannot confuse it with other manufacturers, because our baked milk has a delicate aroma and delicate taste.

Our technologists have done their best to give our signature cookies a refined aroma and delicate taste.

A little history...

The appearance of baked milk originates from ancient times. The dish, traditional for the Slavs, was "languished" for a long time in the oven, filling clay pots with cow's milk. After a long boil, a thick foam was curdled on the surface of the milk, and the contents of the pot itself acquired a delicate creamy hue.

The main thing is tasty and healthy!
Include baked milk cookies in your daily diet and the day will pass in rainbow colors! Exquisite taste and smell will give you vivacity and add energy for a long time.